How To Paint A Lattice

Don’t use a brush. Trying to paint lattice with a brush is a pain in the ass. The secret: use spray paint.

I’m building a railing for my deck, using lattice for the middle area so my kids don’t kill themselves on the 6 inch drop off the deck (yeah – inches). The deck and frame for the railings are built; I just have to cut the lattice to fit the railing frames, paint them, then figure out how to attach the railing frames to the deck (I didn’t install posts).

I first started using a brush to paint the lattices and it took FOREVER to do one side. I said fuck this and bought 6 cans of spray paint instead, doing four lattices in the time it took me to do one with a brush.

So save yourself some time and patience: use spray paint for lattices.

5 Replies to “How To Paint A Lattice”

  1. I’m not even sure what a lattice is, but I believe you.

    I guess I’ll see your great deck in a few days.

    See ya,


  2. safety smaafty…practice the darwinism of child rearing…let them take the six inch fall…hope you properly disposed those ozone depleating spray cans…just for your kids safety..:)..hey why were you painting the lattice isn’t it that child safe chemical filled pressure treated stuff….

    yeah listen to me…henry is improving but it will take up to a year for him to recover fully…but that was an eight inch drop…

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