How To Record A Podcast

Jim Wearing A LampshadePodcasting Thoughts And Tips 008 – How I Make An Audio Magazine (Podcast):

There are some very good hints in this … especially in the audio-post-processing section. I basically give away one of my secrets for creating audio that has a lot of clear ‘shine’ to it. But I can’t take you by the hand and teach you everything.

An excerpt:

Okay, I’m done tweaking the audio. Sure, there’s a zillion more things I could do to make it sound better. Like I have that much time. One of the tricks to audio editing is finding what you like, doing it, and then leaving well enough alone. Otherwise, you can spend hours just goofing around with the sound. Life’s too short.

Excellent information there. Thanks, Jim.

Update: Phillip posted Podcasting On A Budget as a response to Jim’s post.

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