How To Record Acoustic Guitar Playing

Recording The Acoustic Guitar has some good advice on how to record acoustic guitar playing:

While the acoustic guitar remains one of the most simple instruments by design, it also remains one of the hardest to get a great sound on in the studio…
I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this, you own a 4 track, or an 8 track recorder, a fairly small console, some basic outboard equipment, and you don’t own any $2,000 microphones.

Maybe Phillip can improve the quality of his recordings, though I suspect he already knows everything mentioned in that article.

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  1. Dear Steel White !

    As I read your introduction down to the $2,000 microphones I thought that that’s all you had to say, and I almost left your web site. Finally, I figured out to click on the blue phrase on top.
    It might be a good idea to point out the blue phrase, just to satisfy idiots like myself. Other than that thank you for all the information given.

    Yours, truly

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