How To Remove Feces From A Couch

My two year old son removed his shit-laden diaper today and rubbed his ass in the couch.

The art to removing excrement from fabric is to not push the soapy cloth into the area, but gently rub it as if you’re washing your face; and once it’s visibly removed, the smell may linger. Some things you just gotta live with.

5 Replies to “How To Remove Feces From A Couch”

  1. Our new cat shit on the WALL a couple weeks ago. Fortunately it stuck to the wall and was easy to clean. I nearly barfed while I was wiping it off. I’m never having kids.

  2. Petastic, Nature’s Miracle, and any other number of brand names for the same basic formula will get the smell out completely.

    Also, you can keep kids in the 24 month outfits, which snap at the crotch and are very hard for them to get off, well into the 30+ month range.

  3. No.. No.. Jody..human saliva is the best thing for removing feces…so get licking….

    ha ha ohh those days are over for me….well not until I get older and mimic this behaviour in my old age….

  4. We were gone for one week and when we got back, even though we had someone look after the cat, the cat’s litter box wasn’t clean to her liking and she took a shit on the floor. Luckily, the shit didn’t smear and I am replacing the carpet with hardwood in a couple of weeks.

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