How To Rip CDs

VirroAudio.netTools for the anal-retentive digital audio enthusiast:

I own around 1000 CDs, and at one point I ripped them all so that I could enjoy all the benefits of digital music. However, as I did this, I ran into some problems, so afterwards I wrote some utilities to address these issues, and put together this site to share them with others who might find them useful.

A detailed site that describes how to rip CDs on to your computer. He used Exact Audio Copy and Windows Media Player 9 Series as his main tools, along with a lot of scripts to automate difficult tasks.

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  1. Go to that website (or any website), hold down Control and press the plus or the minus sign and see what happens. I use it whenever I have to read some insanely tiny font like the one on that guy’s website. It’s a great feature for anyone who’s eyesight is failing or anyone, like me, who can’t stand those tiny fonts.

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