How To Turn Cheap, Tough Steak Into Expansive, Tender Steak

I have no idea what a “Gucci” is, but the technique described in How to Turn Cheap “Choice” Steaks into Gucci “Prime” Steaks works on the cheap steaks I’ve tried it with.

Massively salt your steaks 15 min – 1 hour before grilling.

That’s it. It should look like this (image from that website):

salted steak for make tender

Don’t use table salt. Use pickling or sea salt – the large grained stuff. Cover both sides of the steak for at least 15 minutes, then rinse it off. Wipe off the moisture, then cook it.

I found the steak to have a slightly salty taste, but it’s like it was marinated. Delicious.

It works!

Update: J-walk tried it with mixed results:

It turned out fine. I only salted one steak, so we could use the other as a control. The salted one MIGHT have been a bit more tender, but it could have been a placebo effect. It did not taste salty at all. Bottom line: It does no harm.

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  1. I think Gucci refers to the designer brand name, so that you’re supposed to make the connection between cheap=off the “rack” and Gucci=haute “cuisine” Maybe?

  2. Would it work for ribs?

    I put 1/4 cup of pickling spice in the water when I am boiling ribs (about 40 minutes) before I put them on the BBQ.

    It works!

  3. John Walkenbach said on his blog that he’s try this tonight and report back.

    I can wait for the results to come in. I’d do it tonight if I had a cheap steak in the fridge.

  4. What qualifies as a cheap steak? Is there a list of cheap steaks I can bring with me the next time I go the grocery store? I want to know which one to pick.

    The steak pictured looks like a t-bone, which, although not the greatest cut of the cow, isn’t a bad piece of meat. I’ve never marinated a t-bone because it doesn’t need it.

    UPDATE: “Rib Eye, Porterhouse, T-Bone and NY Strip…”

  5. I don’t know the types of steak, but by “cheap” I mean cheaper than most other steaks; but don’t get a thin steak. Something at least an inch thick or so. There’s some steak for sale at the Superstore this week (Dominion in Newfieland, I think) – get that – around $10 for two big steaks.

    My kids liked it, too, by the way.

  6. What kind of ribs?

    Boil the ribs first is the best thing to do. Then drown them in sauce and spices and garlic and set them in the oven to bake the sauce onto the ribs.

    Pork Back and/or Beef ribs are the best. Pork Side ribs are okay, but you should be able to find Pork Back on sale at Sobey’s and/or Super Store.

    Do they have a Sobey’s in NFLD?

  7. phillip I thought porterhouse was one of the best cuts of steak..on the other end is flank steaks which i marinate and them cut diagonally thin and they are quite tender and tasty…but we are not big steak … well i am big but we do not eat steak often….of course there is the favorite form of regional rolled steak which requires no marinating and can be easly sliced to any desired thickness, and can be eaten in various states, from “raw” to well done all of which are very tasty, especially with mustard…..

  8. the tender steaks come from the part of the animal that has the least movement in its, rib eye fillet will always be more tender than say a rump, cause the rump gets used every time the animal walks.also try not to over cook once you get used to eating a medium cooked steak you,ll never ask for a well done steak again,

  9. I always get t-bones because it’s a no-think steak. Put some pepper on it and throw it on the BBQ. Done. And always delicious, especially pink or bloody.

    T-bones usually go about 8 to 11 dollars each. I picked up two steaks yesterday that are about 3 times the size of regular t-bones and less than half the price. They are “choice”/cheap steaks.

    I’ll salt one of them tonight and see what happens. To be continued…

  10. I don’t see how this would work. Salt draws moisture out so that would equal a “dry” steak…no juice. For a tender steak you just need to marinate the meat for at least an hour. Use an acid in the marinade, acids break down protein which would result in a more tender piece of meat. You can use salt in the marinade which will help make it tender….but don’t just cover your meat in salt (that’s a curing process).

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