How To Walk

Some good advice for long distant walking in Lessons for Walking:

Don’t stare at your final destination. Nothing can be more depressing then to see your objective in the distance.
Take breaks. Walking isn’t very tiring, and it can be easy to forget to stop and rest.
Keep up a dialogue with yourself, or with someone who is significant to you.
Look behind you. This may sound kind of foolish at first, but it isn’t. Things don’t look the same backwards.

I used to walk a lot in my university days, but once you get a car, that’s it: I drive most everywhere. However, I was coincidently thinking about taking up long walks again (or try jogging), not just for the exercise, but for the solitude.

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  1. i go joggging/walking down ryan st and if you go down the opposite direction you came from that time, it’s a big old farm there, and some rural houses. it’s a nice place for a walk. for solitude, i do the mountain biking thing down the trail next to my place. takes about 30-40 mins to go all the way down through the woods, and back home along the road. good times.

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