How To Win The Lotto

how to win the lotto for dummiesLottery retailers in Ontario are winning the lotto a tad too much to be a coincidence, according to CBC in Lottery retailers enjoying luck of the draw:

…in the past seven years Ontario clerks and retailers have claimed lottery victories nearly 200 times, a statistical anomaly according to one expert.
“So we can say the chance, to be precise, is about one chance in a trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, so it’s just inconceivable they’d be winning that many more times than we’d expect them to…”

I always check the lotto myself, as you all know.

The full report is on CBC’s The Fifth Estate tonight.

(I made the fake book cover using the Dummies Book Cover Generator)

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  1. as i was being delayed in my smokes buying this morning, the lady in front of me won a few hundred on her bucko ticket, and she said just the other day she had won 101$ on the last one she bought. what are the chances!?!?

    i just wanted her to hurry the fuck up, so i could get my smokes and smoke em!

    like an addict!

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