How WordPerfect Became Less Than Perfect

wordperfect for dosWordPerfect ruled the word processing market for almost 10 years, stumbling and then dying on the Windows market.

Almost Perfect, published in 1994, describes the rise and fall of the corporation, and it’s available online as a compelling read. An excerpt:

…Microsoft offered to make us a beta test site for Windows 3.0. We accepted their generous offer, but did little more than look Windows over. In hindsight, it is easy to see we should have done much more right away. At the time, we could justify not doing a Windows 2.0 version in favor of completing WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS, but it is now difficult to defend our further delays. Unfortunately, we did not have any experienced Windows programmers inside the company to form a development team, and there were not many outside the company to recruit.

I didn’t use WordPerfect much – I stuck to MS-DOS Editor and Notepad.

(via Coding Horror)

2 Replies to “How WordPerfect Became Less Than Perfect”

  1. I remember WP came out with a gui version, I think around version 7. I swore at the time I wouldn’t use Word. WP was so much better then other crap at the time. But their excuse no to get windows programmers at the time is a bit of a joke. They really should have invested in their golden goose.

  2. My first word processor was called something like ProWrite. Then I switched to WordPerfect. I still prefer use WordPerfect. MS Word is fine for average needs, but WP has always been able to do a little bit more and provide more control for specialized tasks and formatting. I’m not sure that’s the case any more because I don’t have MS Word installed on my system. Does Word easily publish to PDF?

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