4 Replies to “I Almost Hit A Raccoon”

  1. I almost killed myself and my uncle missing a mouse in Idaho. Swerved in a little Japanese truck at 70mph. Just before it I would have sworn to do it. Just after it—after I barely corrected the skid I started without rolling—I decided to continue to try to avoid animals but be a bit more conservative about it.

  2. I was on a twisty road once doing about 110 in a 50 zone. I came around the corner and there was a fucking porcupine right there. I was already pulling a couple of Gs on this turn so I just corrected my turn more than anything. Not sure if I hit it; it was dark and I really couldn’t look behind me.

    Another time I was passing a car in a 60 zone doing about 90 when I smoked this fucking pigeon. Fucker didn’t know what hit him.

    Do I feel bad? Kinda. Would I do it again? Never intentionally. I have slowed down a little bit since those days though.

  3. we were doing an all nighter to quebec to get alcool…or some other alcoholic beverage that I am sure we could have obtained in the local liquer store….flying down the highway…i only had my beginners and the women who owned the car would shift until I was in fifth and then i was fine…suddenly in the headlightss…a jessly big porcipine..ambling in the distant headlight glow….my first and only thoughts before i felt the thing go bumping along the undercarriage…was…RUN! PORCIPINE RUN! I think i may have even vocalized it….another fine idiot moment..

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