I Almost Lost Five Dollars

I was walking out of a grocery store, struggling with six bags of groceries while putting my cell phone away, when a huddle of youths approached me, lead by an eight foot monster with black, curly hair with too much grease in it. They passed without incident, but then I heard, “Hey you!” Oh shit, and I forgot to bring my gun. I turned around and the giant approached me with a five dollar bill in his hand. “You dropped this”, he said. “Wow. Shit man. Thanks.”

Kinda makes your day, that sorta thing.

3 Replies to “I Almost Lost Five Dollars”

  1. I had friends that worked at a shoe repair place. He use to glue loonies to the sidewalk. An old lady with a cane once tried for 15 minutes pry one off the ground. I laughed for the entire day!

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