I Am Not A Manager, Yet

Shit, I’m A Manager – The Talk:

Being young, arrogant, and occasionally slightly socially inadequate, the New Media and IT industries have been spectacularly bad at getting people ready for having to look after others. Management was either ‘the enemy’, ‘something to be avoided’ or ‘easy and anyone can do it’. This isn’t helped that most technical people don’t respond well to some of the more traditional management ‘techniques’.
In fact, management is a learned skill, and one that many people don’t take the time to learn.

Amusing, realistic anecdotes and advice about being a manager in the IT industry.

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  1. the biggest problem here is that we have TOO MANY damn managers. i mean come on, there are like 300 people working here, and something like 100 have their stupid “Project Management Professional” certification. How many of those people can possibly be competent managers? I can’t believe that a) the company still pays for this crap, and b) we have one pm for every TWO actual developers. and you’d be lucky if just one of those two developers was able to code….

    we’ve got one good PM on our team, and that’s all i like to deal with. there’s no need for anyone else.

    hmmm, i hope Steve doesn’t read this! :)

  2. That link was way too long to read through in its entirety, but I got the jist of it. It had a lot of good stuff in it but the morale that I got out of it is that a good PM doesn’t learn to be a PM, s/he just has the soft skills to do it. I think communication is the biggest part of being a PM – the project will just fall in place, pretty much on its own, if the PM is able to promote a good flow of communication between all the team members.

    I know this because it’s the only skill I have….and my projects seem to do pretty good. Oh shit, Steve is reading this drivel.

  3. i’ll take ryry or June as my project managers any day! Not Steve though, he doesn’t even read this drivel!

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