I Can’t Afford To Lose Any Wisdom

I just got back from the dentist. He recommended I get a wisdom tooth removed. I had my two bottom ones removed about 15 years ago and it was a horrific experience: couldn’t eat for a week afterwards, drugged to suppress the pain; however, he says it’ll be easy, doing it in his office.

I hate the dentist.

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  1. I had all four wisdom teeth removed about 15 years ago. I had no problems whatsoever. Two days later I was chewing on a roast beef sandwich.

    A guy from work had his taken out a couple of weeks ago, and has almost totally lost the sense of taste ever since.

    Flip a coin. Good luck!

  2. When I had me smart toofies taken out it was bad for me cause I’m allergic to the anesthetic. So I had total body arthritis for 3-4 days afterwords and couldn’t even walk, had to use crutches and could barely turn my head. I had 3 places that they had to cut the gums to dig them out and 1 tooth that was almost totally down. The tooth that was totally down was like walking on cake, a total cakewalk. The other 3 sucked. I still have stinky pits in my mouth where the teeth used to be.

    Ya can’t drink with a straw, you’ll pop a stitch and bleed into your belly and puke and pop more stitches.

    That’s funny, I was talking to gimp this morning about how he’s going to get his wise-dumb teeth taken out on tuesday. By “funny” I mean freakin’ hilarious.

    If your dentist says he can do it in the office then both of your remaining teeth are probably fully out, right? It shouldn’t be too bad. Of course, having teeth ripped out of your skull won’t be pleasant, but I’m sure the dentist will give you a lolly afterwords to rot the rest of your teeth so he can make even MORE money from you, sucker.

  3. Pender must be bored at work: he’s posted a lot of comments today.

    His comment reminded me: the dentist and the cleaning teeth lady always remind me to floss my teeth DAILY. And I always tell them I NEVER floss my teeth; in fact, THEY’RE the only ones who floss my teeth, so it’s only done once a year. Then they give me funny looks and wonder why I my teeth haven’t rotted yet or have cavities. I tell them I have superman-teeth, which they then accept as fact. And that’s that.

  4. jody, thats hilarious! i show my brother ur post and said he does the same thing and hes had no cavaties…..what gives? this is madness!!!!!

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