I Can’t Drink Alcohol

I’m taking a prescription that can cause these side effects:

  • headaches
  • liver failure
  • “life-threatening skin rashes”
  • vision changes

I have to get blood tests every few weeks to ensure the drug isn’t destroying my liver; not drinking alcohol helps reduce any stress on the liver.

I have to take this for six months or so.

No scotch! Christ. I WILL be cheating.

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  1. I was once on a drug that the doctor told me could cause kidney and liver damage over the long term. After three years of being on the drug, I asked, “so, what’s considered long term?” The response was “unless you keep taking this drug, the condition will return.”
    “What about the kidney/liver damage?”
    So I stopped taking it. It wasn’t a major life-threatening condition, and I’ve learned to work around it.

  2. Well, I can certainly understand your dismay, with prescription drugs & the side effects………….
    However, my medication is because of one thing and one thing only !
    Thirty freaking years of drinking alcohol in moderation !!!
    Yup !
    My late husband & I were healthy, career orientated, physically fit & happy.
    We’d never heard of such a problem with alcohol for people like ourselves, no !
    When out of no where, with no warning, we each were hit with severe & permanent health afflictions.
    So suddenly your perfect, well organized life, is literally in shambles in 24 hours.
    And all because of the freaking almighty drink !
    Since losing my best-friend/hubby now almost 22 months, I’ve been spreading our story & warning to others, only to discover the are many with similar problems.
    The five most common that, well lets just say, are Alcohol favourite’s…..
    Grand-Mal Seizures, Progressive Blindness, Progressive Deafness, Corroded Livers, oh………and the old time ‘way’ – Heart Attacks !
    And none having any cures either !!!
    So, if you want to joint my hubby in Glory……..you’re on the right track !
    Or, if you want to become as he was & I currently & forevermore will be, on prescription drugs costing $50.00 per week, with enough side effects, that it takes up 4 pages in the most recent ‘Drug Affliction’ paperback, well, you’re headed in the right direction. I sincerely pray that your not !!
    Alcohol is the scourge of society, and with all the problems we seem be acquiring, getting stronger every day, its the most relied upon ‘cure’ for stress.

    Please be extremely careful !

  3. hang on I have a fuzzy memory of getting a case of beer and you and I drank three each and gave up and your dad finished the rest….you..we..were never very good at drinking alcohol……

    I hope this condition you have does not involve body parts coming loose and falling off….that could be embarassing….frig the spelling I already failed the test at that other blog…never claimed I was a good teacher….

    comforting to see people so concerned for your good health…I think…

  4. Think of it as being pregnant and you can’t drink ’cause it will harm the baby. Women do it all the time.

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