I Didn’t Win The Lotto, But I DID Win…

I received a call while in Ottawa from the company I order my home oil from:

Mr. Cairns? This is Blue Wave. You won a $2000 Entertainment Center.

After I tell them to Fuck Off, asking if they’re serious, they laugh (I like people who don’t take swearing seriously) and say they are serious. It’s the 2nd prize given in a contest for referring people to their company.

Congratulations also go out to Jody Caines from Moncton for winning a $2,000 Home Entertainment Package. Jody referred a friend to the Thermoshell branch in Moncton.

They spelled my last name wrong.

The $2000 doesn’t HAVE to go towards a Home Entertainment Package. I pick the electronic store I want the gift certificate made out to, where I could buy $2000 worth of blank VHS tapes.

So, what should I buy with my $2000?

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  1. I think you’ve got the right idea already: $2000 worth of blank VHS tapes. The high-def ones.

    Do they sell computers at the store? I’d get a new computer.

  2. Congratulations!

    Do they sell diamond-encrusted iPods in Candada? That’s what I’d get.

    Or what about a small Thermoshell truck? The kind a kid can ride around it. If they sell those in an electronics store, that’s what I’d get. Or if they have a Blue Wave truck that would be better.

  3. Split it into 10 gift certificates and send it to your friends. Then realize you don’t have 10 friends and send more than ones to the friends you DO have.

  4. I’m picking the gift certificate up tomorrow, Jan. 22. It’s for Futureshop, which is like Best Buy for you American readers. We have no desire for a new TV. We’ll probably get a $2000 vacuum.

  5. I’m with Tom on this one. That’s like getting a sweater and socks for Xmas.

    Speaking of sweaters — Tom, that sweater Steph made for Jody years ago that Jody didn’t wear. I wore it and I loved it. I probably told you this before, but that sweater is half the reason I thought I could be a professor — because I looked like a professor when I wore it, especially when I had a full beard. I may still have the sweater banging around somewhere. The only reason I don’t wear it anymore — besides not wanting to look like a professor — is that I wore it out. It looks like a rag now. But I loved it.

    Tell Steph thanks.

  6. I didn’t wear that sweater because it was too damn itchy; it’s made out of pure wool from sheeps in some hamlet in England where werewolves roam and the fog never lifts.

  7. speaking of which there is some movie out about killer sheep but I can not find it here in owen sound…probably not knowing the name may contribute to my difficulties…have heard some reviews any ideas phillip…

    jody has such delicate alabaster skin….

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