I Ain’t Not Know Nothing

I recently received this email:

Hi Jody, I came upon your website while surfing the net looking for info. on animal patents in Canada. You mentioned in a post that animal patents are not allowed in Canada. The reason I need this info. is that a local duck farm out where I am is sueing me because I have ducks that the say they developed and are regestered to their farm. They say that because I have them that they are suffering damage because of loss of exclusivety. I know for a fact that these ducks weren’t developed by them, but possibly by the previous farm owner. I’d appreciate any info. on this subject you can share with me.

My response:

I know nothing about animal patents. I’m not a lawyer nor an expert in any legal matters. I’m merely a bored programmer posting articles of interest to my website, of which this (the post you’re referring to) is one.
I suggest contacting the authors of the website I referred to in my post…

I also received a phone call from a reporter once.

Do any other bloggers receive similar emails?

7 Replies to “I Ain’t Not Know Nothing”

  1. I don’t. Then again, I don’t typically write posts of interest to anyone except my family and friends, unlike this blog with its crazy misleading subtitle.

  2. Nope. I get phone calls from various family members saying, “I read what you wrote today. You need to learn to let go.” Or stuff to that effect.

  3. Usually anything that i put on the internet is so full of curse words and hate that no one dares respond to it… :(

    p.s. some of these images are hard to make out, is it a zero or an O!?
    p.p.s. ok, third try at posting this now… damn you spam codes!
    p.p.p.s. ok giving up and copy/pasting this, hoping a new image comes up… :(

  4. Don’t give in to his spamming bullshit! He just wants to spam you with bullshit, and/or hate! That makes me hate him and his bullshit… and spam.

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