I Don’t Listen To Commercial Radio

A Java blog author I read has declared X&Y by Coldplay the best album of 2005:

X&Y is an absolutely brilliant album that is bound to be an instant classic. I am so hooked to this album that I haven’t stopped listening to this album since the very first day of it’s release on iTunes. All of the songs are incredibly melodic, catchy and bound to be instant classics. The first single, Square One is a great song but it’s just the beginning, as what follows it even gets better.

I never heard of Coldplay. I’ll have to check them out now.

(Incidently, this is the first and hopefully last post that will have a word starting with a small “i” with its second letter capitalized.)

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  1. I don’t listen to commercial radio and I no longer watch tv. To anyone who does watch tv, any comments about the non-Canadian portion of that Live 8 thing?

  2. Do you HAVE a TV? I saw the end of the Canadian Live-8 concert, where Neil Young and the other folks didn’t know when or how to quit singing Rockin’ In The Free World. That was funny.

  3. I only listen to the radio on my drive to work. Otherwise, it’s my iTunes on shuffle or CDs.

    I did see someone’s blog post on the non-Canadian coverage (she’s originally from Thunder Bay and lives in California now), and basically, it was pretty awful – cutting away to commercial in the middle of sets, long commercial breaks, and very little international coverage. When they did finally show something from Canada, it was Jet (an Australian band), and said they were playing in Philly. Oy.

    Coldplay are not bad. They sound like a mellow Radiohead, or an energetic Ron Sexsmith. But it’s not really original or terribly unique – just the “next great thing” out of the UK. I’m still working through my Rufus Wainwright fixation right now, so I haven’t heard X&Y yet.

  4. I should have added – if you want original and unique, try The Scissor Sisters. They’re what might happen if you put ABBA and The Village People in a blender, then tossed in The Pet Shop Boys and the B-52’s. Sort of electronic, sort of folksy, very kitschy, very cheeky, but clever at the same time.

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