I Don’t Want A Date With Drew Barrymore

Brian from My Date With DrewI’m in Flint again, watching too much television; however, I just watched an excellent movie: My Date With Drew. It’s a documentary about a guy trying to get a date with Drew Barrymore:

Don’t worry, it’s not like he’s expecting a relationship or anything. He’s just talking about one dinner here. Heck, the girl’s gotta eat, right?
This is a movie for anyone who’s ever imagined getting a date with the person of their dreams…and then realized they don’t have a chance in hell. But despite the odds, Brian finds encouragement in the words of Drew Barrymore…
“If you don’t take risks, you’ll have a wasted soul.”

WAIT! It’s good! It’s funny and personal, taking you on the ups and downs of his attempts at trying to get a date with a famous movie star. After watching it you’ll want to make a movie about your own stupid goals in life.

Update: An accurate review of it from Berardinelli.

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  1. You’ve given me the courgage, the inspiration…Jody will you have dinner with me? Maybe we could take in a movie…you know that cowboy one….

    waiting with anticipation by the phone…

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