I Don’t Want To Go To Toronto

It’s 4:25am. I’m going to Toronto today on business. The plane leaves at 6:30am. I have a flu: my throat is sore, nose is running, and I’m coughing. I can hear the wind blowing outside the window from the storm that recently passed by, which may delay the planes. I’m going to call a taxi in about 30 minutes for the ride to the airport.

I don’t want to go.


4 Replies to “I Don’t Want To Go To Toronto”

  1. steph and the kids got storm stayed last night in toronto…they are coming home today…it is going to be a mess there today…i am surprised the army has not been called out…if you ever go there in like nice weather…summery weather…let me know and i will spin down on the bike…you love your job…let me see what my commute is like today…well there is the market job…hmmmm….commute…one flight of stairs….of course there is council this evening and that is a rather arduous commute arcross the parking lot…about 500 feet plus those three flights of stairs to chambers…whew! how do i manage…enjoy your flight…ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ………

  2. All the planes were delayed, the airline lost my colleague’s luggage, my flu got worse (I have a throat infection now), our supper in Toronto was the shits, and our breakfast is The Hilton is WAY too over-priced (which I’ll write about later – first time at that hotel chain).

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