I Eat Slow Food

A controversial (to the fast food industry) movie is coming out soon: Super Size Me:

Why are Americans so fat? Find out in Super Size Me, a tongue in-cheek – and burger in hand — look at the legal, financial and physical costs of America’s hunger for fast food.
[The director] also put[s] his own body on the line, living on nothing but McDonald’s for an entire month with three simple rules:
1) No options: he could only eat what was available over the counter (water included!)
2) No supersizing unless offered
3) No excuses: he had to eat every item on the menu at least once
It all adds up to a fat food bill, harrowing visits to the doctor, and compelling viewing for anyone who’s ever wondered if man could live on fast food alone.

One movie critic concludes:

it’s pretty clear that Spurlock’s [the director] goal is not to convince everyone in his viewing audience to stay away from McDonald’s. (The experiment hasn’t turned him into a vegetarian, although he avoids admitting whether he plans to eat any fast food in the near future.) Instead, he wants us to have a concrete understanding of what we’re eating. The issue may be serious, but the tone is lighthearted, and that, more than anything else, makes Super Size Me a palatable cinematic entrĂ©e. Especially when enjoyed with a big carton of buttered popcorn and a double-sized cup of Coke.

I wonder if the director was inspired by Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal.

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  1. I like fast food, even on a diet. :(
    i’ll get a chicken burger and a bottle of water from whatever joint i go to, and only eat half the bun. it’s healthy i tell you!

  2. When we’re on the road we eat at Wendy’s, where we have their salads, or Subway. We eat at McDonald’s about once a year for their breakfast but always regret it.

  3. Manderin Orange salads at Wendy’s, with crunch noodls and sliced almonds! Only thing is, the dressing is packed with fat, sugar and salt. There’s almost as much fat in the dressing as there is in their french fries.

  4. I eat whatever, whenever, and never have regrets. I never work out. I smoke. The funny thing is that I get about one cold every two years and it’s never a bad cold. Some may argue that I’m over-weight, but my doctor disagrees with them. In all honesty, I’m pushing the limit of being over-weight.

    So Pender can shove his barbells up his ass. He may live longer than me, but those last ten years aren’t so great from what I’ve been told.

    The moral of my tale is that I’m happy. The only time I read those calorie labels is if I’m sitting on the toilet eating a candy bar and have nothing else to read. I don’t have to go to bed at 9pm and wake up at 5am so that I can push my body to the limits and come to work sweating (Pender). I don’t have to forgoe those cravings of devouring an entire bag of Skittles in one sitting (the big bag, that is).

  5. Here’s what I ate yesterday…

    Breakfast: Toasted raisin bagel with butter, orange juice, coffee, banana, an apple, and spoonful of chocolate ice cream, and Tim Hortons coffee on the way to work.

    Lunch: Fried Italian sausage (thick), cut down the middle and served on two bleached white hot dog buns with ketchup; a can of Black Horse beer, and a slice of cherry pie.

    Supper: A BBQed President’s Choice “Thick & Juicy” 100% Beef Sirloin hamburger on a slightly-toasted Italian-style hambuger bun, with onions and zuccinni wrapped in tinfoil and BBQed with butter and rosemary and chili flakes, with ketchup, a glass of chocolate milk, a piece of cherry pie, a cup of tea, and some chocolate ice cream.

    Bedtime snack: Dark chocolate and bowl of chocolate ice cream.

    And when I’m at home, I drink water from a Mason jar thoughout the day.

  6. My meals yesterday:
    Breakfast: Coffee, yogurt, peanut-butter and jam sandwich.
    Lunch: Left-over chinese noodles and rice.
    Supper: Left-over chinese noodles and rice. Banana cheese cream pie for desert.
    Snacks: Banana, raisins.

  7. OMG, so much hate from ryry teh huge!! I better be good or he’ll slap me with his manboobs.

    My meals yesterday:
    first breakfast: slurry & glutamine
    second breakfast: bowl of just right cereal
    first lunch: slurry with creatine
    second lunch: giant hamburger
    first supper: giant hamburger
    second supper: fries, dressing, gravy & battered cod (at Ship to Shore, a newfie restaurant in hillsborough, was good cod, better than anywhere in this city)
    third supper: just right cereal, 2 granola bars
    before bed snack: slurry and glutamine, with an omega 3-6-8 pill

    I’m on a diet now so I don’t eat as much as I used to, by 2 meals, and I snack a little less.

  8. Slurry IS like little lisa slurry.. It’s the name given to my weight gainer, because I mix it up at work. If I just add milk to it and let it sit for a while then tracks, like an ant farm, form in the powder and makes it look OH so tasty. “slurry” was just a gross name given to a gross looking drink, though I find it tasty.

    Ship to Shore is basically downtown hillsborough.. You just traverse the main road along the fundy trail or whatever it’s called (about 20km before hopewell rocks I think) and it’s on the right side, near a hardware shop (I think pro-hardware). It’s hard to notice surroundings when riding a bike or when you’re inatentive or drugged or retarded.

    Ryry, you don’t have manboobs, they’re so big it’s safe to call them womanboobs.

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