I Haven’t Found Any Aliens That I Know Of, Yet

This Tuesday, May 18, will be my 5 year SETI@home aniversary, having completed almost 4500 work units.

SETI@home is considered a pioneer in distributed computing using the internet:

SETI, or the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, is a scientific effort seeking to determine if there is intelligent life outside Earth. SETI researchers use many methods. One popular method, radio SETI, listens for artificial radio signals coming from other stars. SETI@home is a radio SETI project that lets anyone with a computer and an Internet connection participate.

(Thanks Pender)

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  1. I started out on a 2 or 3 hundred MHz machine, I think. I only run it at work now on my 1.3 GHz laptop. At least one year during those 5 I wasn’t doing any processing due to some network problems at my old job. At one point I was contributing to the search of Mersenne Prime, which I think started before SETI@home.

  2. Prime95 is great for burning holes in your CPU.
    or just testing stability. it crashes your PC if you overclock too much. :(

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