I Love My Job!

I wrote my mom today:

At work we have a deadline in 2 weeks, so everyone’s working overtime to get it done. That means I have to work nights and weekends, as consistently as possible for the next 2-4 weeks.
I wish I didn’t have to bring work home.

My mom replied:

so, i am sure this will cause stress on the relationships with your wife and your children – because they all NEED you!
regardless, you need regular rest and relaxation and nourishment or you will get sick again – by the way, you don’t look good – skin and bones, serious and stressed, and not exactly a happy camper. BUT that is only MY impression-you probably are fat, lighthearted, relaxed, and one happy camper! I hope so!

I think she’s being sarcastic.

5 Replies to “I Love My Job!”

  1. Hey was your mom talking about me again….you know i love er….you wrote your mom?

    sorry to hear about the work thing….yeah…I truely am a spoiled bastard….ask dawn to go get a high paying job an be your sugar mamma….I was telling steph if she had continued in school just a little longer she could have been radiologist..then she would be the super duper sugar mamma….she will be divorcing me when the children are grown…but hey the average “kid” stays home until they are like 35 or something….jesus I ll be dead by donair meat by that time….

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