I Make 4.5 Cents An Hour

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Google Adsense check

I joined Google’s AdSense program on Tuesday, October 5, 2004. Last week I received my first check from them. It took about 13 months to reach the minimum amount where they’ll send you a check: $100.

Yes siree, I’m rolling in the dough.

I’m not looking to make money from this site, but it’d be really cool if I could. I don’t care about it enough to try, though.

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  1. Dear Pender, don’t click on ads every day unless you are genuinely interested in the links. Besides being unethical, you could very well be taking money away from the site because Google has algorithms that determine if people are trying to rip them off and it curtails profits for it.

    Dear Jody, I would recommend more pages of different sorts. Perhaps a musical discussion section of the site? A programming section? I run the ads on several different sites and sub-sections, in different placements. My Perl/JavaScript pages made $53 US in the last 12 months and there aren’t that many pages there; the DDX and Sedition proper both do quite a bit better. It’s not much money but it adds up. “How-to” content seems to pay better too.

  2. > I would recommend more pages of different sorts

    I have a few ideas, but I haven’t had the time to implement them; like a site to comment on search referrers.

    Phillip’s ideas would probably bring in lots of traffic, if he could update them regularly: podcasting, vidcasting; audio type stuff.

    SWT’s top search referrer phrase is how to make a turban. I’m thinking I should start selling the material for them.

  3. I also remembered I wanted to describe my publishing career.

    I had a small press in New Mexico–business license and everything–which did, over about 3 years 30 some little publications/chapbooks. They all sold well (can’t say “sold out,” right). But putting them together was a lot of work even though I wrote a minority of it, just the editorial, typesetting, assembling, selling, promoting took many, many hours.

    At the end of it I sat down to try to figure out how much money I’d made hourly. Came to 5 cents.

    They were all clean nickels though. Unlike the 2,000 nickels I made from a magazine article I wrote back then. That check I almost gave back after I saw what the editor (meaning #4) did with the story but published under my name.

    It’s nice to get paid to do what you’d do anyway, even if it’s in nickels.

  4. Hey Assssssshhhhhhhh, why do you think I click em?



    I don’t actually, I was just making a political, religious or sexual comment to get everybody on the go. Everybody. Because everybody has a very very very strong, but utterly useless, opinion on the subjects.


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