I Need Two Friends

canada passportI’m filling in the online application for a Canadian passport and I’m at the References section:

The persons indicated as references may be contacted to confirm your identity.
Provide names and contact information for TWO individuals that meet the following requirements:
– have known you for at least TWO years,
– are not related to you.

Who wants to pretend to be my friend? No compensation will be provided.

Update (July 20, 2007): I received my passport today.

10 Replies to “I Need Two Friends”

  1. I don’t know if I ever told you the story but you probably don’t want anyone to know you know me when applying for documents.

    COP: Do you know this Jody Caaaa-urns?

    ASHLEY: Well, I virtually know him. He’s kind of like Africa for me. I’ve never seen him but I’m pretty sure he exists over there somewhere.

  2. But gee Jody, you’re already on my list of MySpace friends!

    If you’re serious and they take Americans (which they shouldn’t as I think Canada should keep as much distance between it and the US as possible) I’ll do it. But I’ll bet you can find better fake friends than me…

  3. Alaska SHOULD be Canada. I mean, here’s Canada, and then completely attached to it and right next to it is Alaska which is a natural extension of Canada. On the map, it would look much better than it does if Alaska was part of Canada. And Hawaii is part of the US? Give me a break.

    There is no point to anything I’ve written in this comment. Goodbye!

  4. Thanks for the offer, Jim, but I’m going to put Tommyboy and Pender as my references. One I’ve known for over 20 years, the other for 5 or 6 years.

  5. I’d love to see the application form:

    Name: Jody Cairns (pronounced Karens not Kayerns)
    Sex: Male (really, Jody is a guy’s name too… and NO! Karen is not my middle name, I was trying to provide phonetics for enunciation purposes)
    References: Pender and Tommyboy (Freaky first names with no last names)
    Backup reference: The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, And Now Known As Prince Once Again.

  6. I’d like to know if they approve your application. I’ll try it next. I’m probably heading overseas next summer. Gonna need me one of dem passports.

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