I Ruined Another Pot

Shit! This is the second time I did this within a few months: I burnt and probably ruined a good quality cooking pot. My parents are coming back from Newfoundland today and I thought it’d be nice if I cooked a nice supper for them, so I cooked a nice prime rib roast and put potatoes on to boil. I go downstairs to listen to Jim on WWR while waiting for the potatoes to cook, and a bit later I hear the goddamn fire alarm going off. Shit! The potatoes!

I’m not a forgetful person, normally. I blame Jim.

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  1. Fuck, I’ve done that too many times. Not a good habit. Though I haven’t ruined too many pots. Blackened pretty good, but not totally ruined. I don’t know why I bother making toast anymore. I don’t seem to have the patience to wait for it to pop up. While it’s toasting, I can always find reason to leave the room. I come hours later, usually, and find cold toast in the toaster.

    Today, while walking down Duckworth, I saw a roll-up-the-rim cup sitting on the sidewalk. I picked it up, rolled it and won myself a coffee. So I went to Tim Hortons and got myself an X-large coffee. Couldn’t drink it all, but felt I had to get the XL just on principle.

    That’s what I did today.

  2. Phillip wrote: “Today, while walking down Duckworth, I saw a roll-up-the-rim cup sitting on the sidewalk”.

    LOL….I thought my mother was the only person who did that!

  3. Jim wrote: “Um, you’ll have to contact my lawyer if you want to recover damages”.

    Ahh, Jim, you’re in the USA, aren’t you? In Canada, one has to have an actual reason to sue someone. Sorry, I had to get a little cross-border jab in here…lol.

  4. More than once, Jody’s posted a variety of words and sayings he can’t stand hearing or reading.

    I hate “LOL.” I don’t even know what it means. Lots of luck, lots of love? I still hate it even if I knew what it was.

    Not so much hate, I guess. More like annoyed.

    There you go.

    My profound thought of the day.

  5. I just read the list. LOL means laughing out loud? Fuck that.

    I won’t remember any of them, anyway, because I’ll never use them.

    ASAP. I know that one. Whenever I use acronyms, I do it exclusively to make fun of people who make use of acronyms.

  6. OMG WTF BBQ?! You guys are making me ROFL and LOLing all over the place that I’m gagging up my supper! LOLLOLOLOLOL

    Note, it is appropriate to include many LOLs when you say anything stupid on the interweb. LOLOLOLolololoLOL

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