I Still Get Lots Of Pimples

How to pop a pimple:

The decision of when to pop a pimple is important. Wait until that zit is begging for it.

I learned the technique LONG ago; however, what they fail to mention is: there are good pimples and there are bad pimples. Good pimples leave little sign they once existed; bad pimples leave craters that could be filled with caulking. On the day of my prom I, of course, got a pimple the size of a golf ball. It was a bad pimple. A horrendous pimple. So, after popping that sucker and stanching the flow of blood and pus for 30 minutes, I was devasted by the result; I couldn’t go to the prom with that hole in my face! My mom ended up applying some kind of make-up to it, so it was almost hidden, if you didn’t look too close. That’s the only time I’ve worn make-up. Honest.

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  1. See the things you can learn on the internet? Thanks. I needed that. 30+ years old and I still have zits. sheesh.

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