I Think I’m Going To Get A Manual Lawn Mower

manual lawn mowerReel mower – The good the bad and the ugly has almost convinced me to invest in a manual lawn mower. I’ve been considering getting one for years to replace the dirty, loud, stinky gas-powered machine that’s so heavy only I can push it.

Two things have been holding me back from buying one:

  • Its effectiveness. You have to mow frequently since tall grass will be a choir, and plants with thick stems can be difficult, such as dandelions.
  • Its maintainability. How often does one have to sharpen its blades, and can you sharpen the blades easily by yourself.

Time to do more research. I’ll create a new post if I get one.

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12 Replies to “I Think I’m Going To Get A Manual Lawn Mower”

  1. One thing I forgot to mention in my post, these are very kid friendly. I feel comfortable sending out my kids pushing the reel mower (They are 7 and 11). They would really have to try to hurt themselves with it.

    My wife also WILL use the reel mower but never used the power mower.

    So, you might need to mow more often…but you’ll have more help!

  2. I have one for my meagre little back lawn. A friend gave it to me. It’s a cheap model he got from Canadian Tire on sale. I’ve never oiled it or adjusted the blades. I probably should.

    I don’t have much of a lawn, but I work up a sticky sweat every time I use the mower. I have a bumpy lawn, with holes — the mower stops suddenly when it hits a hole. I have to find the best speed, not too slow (and harder to push), and not so fast it doesn’t have time to cut the grass. It’s not difficult. And then I maintain that pacing. Once you’re moving, you’re good. Starting and stopping requires the most work.

    I barely use mine. I like the look of dandelions on green grass. Most people see them as weeds, but I wonder if they’re really looking at the flower, how its yellow naturally complements the green. I don’t want them in my vegetable garden though.

  3. fuyucky having to fill out one of those letter thingies…..

    check out lee valley..kinda costly but my inlaws have one and it works fine..they have your standard forest hills cole harbour size yard of grass with hills…and as has been stated you can do a tom sawyer move and kids tend to fall for pushing the thing around….

  4. Our kids in Florida have had one for 3 years and it works great. They have a flat lawn planted with St. Augustine grass which is a tough grass. Haven’t a clue on their maintenance program, but taking a wild guess based on their past behavior it is non-existant.

  5. Not yet. A good quality one would cost around $200 with taxes and we can’t afford that now.

    Fucking gas mower died on me last week, too.

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