I Used To Be A Scout

Scout Canada logoI started as a Cub, then became a Scout. In Canada, they have Beavers before Cubs, but I was never in that. I found my old Scout uniform the other day, and instead of throwing it out I emailed the Nova Scotia Council of Scouts:

In the early 80s I was in the 1st Cole Harbour Scout Troop, in Dartmouth. I was recently going through a dusty box of junk and stumbled upon my old scout uniform. Do you think the Dartmouth or Cole Harbour scout organizations would want it, for historical purposes? Else, I’m going to throw it out.
I have the green shirt with the 1st Cole Harbour badge, Chief Scout’s Award, Dartmouth Region badge, Dartmouth East District badge, and silver chain. I have the beret, too, but I unfortunately can’t find the sash (I think that’s the name for it – the piece of cloth that had badges sewed on it that was worn hanging from the shoulder).
I was at the ’81 Canadian Jamboree in Calgary, and I have a lot of badges that were traded during that time, too.
Let me know if anyone is interested in this material; I’ll ship it.

I’d post a photo of my buddy Paul and me in our Scout uniforms, but I couldn’t find it. So sorry.

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  1. I was in Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. Rephrase that: I was forced to go to Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. Never was much into being part of a group. Like everything else my mother forced me to join when I was kid, I’ve pretty much blanked it all from my memory.

  2. I was a Scout Leader for Beavers last year. I don’t think I ever had a headache before I became a leader. I coached kids the same age in soccer, piece of cake. Scouts was a whole other beast. The other Scout Leaders con you into it by telling you it is only 1 hour a week. NO! NO! NO! It’s like weekends and planning activities and rushing kids to the hospital.

  3. My scout group rocked. All we did was play sports and never did any crappy badge work. Whenever we’d play other groups in sports we’d totally slaughter their asses. Whenever we went to prissy events and the other groups would be all proud of their badges and scoffing at us cause we had none, we’d threaten to beat their heads in, and everyone was happy.

  4. “I don’t remember being forced to go to this stuff; I enjoyed it, I think.”

    You and I had completely different childhoods, Jody.

  5. I don’t remember being forced to go to this stuff; I enjoyed it, I think.

    We did lots of shit in scouts: lots of camping, visiting factories and tours of places. We went to Calgary in 1981, although I remember little about it except everyone wore a cowboy hat.

    We played sports, too. I broke a guy’s arm playing that game where there are two teams that make a line in opposites ends of a big room, and someone is picked from the other team to try to break through the enemy lines. No one broke through my piece of the line, hence someone ALWAYS got hurt.

  6. The Scout folks replied to my email:

    The BP Guild would be happy to have your old uniform and other pieces your described.

    The “BP Guild” is:

    This is an organization comprised largely of former and current members of Scouting and Guiding. They were founded in 1980 and are headquartered in the Halifax area. Anyone wishing to help promote the Aims, Principles, and Objectives of Scouts Canada and the Canadian Fellowship of BP Guilds, and is eligible to be a member in Scouts Canada, is welcome as a member of the Guild. All those who are accepted shall take the Scout Promise as a condition of membership. The membership fee is nominal. A smile, a joke, and a helping hand are the most important requirements for membership and we can guarantee that you bring yours – we will share ours!

  7. ahhh the days of youth…the young facist league…hidden behind the veil of an innocent woodland creature…yeah i was a beaver …eeesh

    a couple of years ago anja demonstrated some interest in beavers yes girls are in beavers, but boys do not seem to be flocking to the brownies…did it for a year….ohhh went ot one of the “training” sessions…boy…I thought the masons were spooky for ritual…they had nothing on these leaders…needless to say i did not get my little leather tie ….however to a a large number of children and now young adults i am still known as bubbles….

  8. Too late! I mailed the uniform yesterday. I didn’t think it’d be of value. Shit. I’m not going to check if it WAS valuable either. No I’m not.

  9. Scout patch collecting is big business. I might check the value of your collection with a scout trader before simply giving it away.

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