I Want A Dog

A dogThe Breed Selector

will help you narrow down the hundreds of choices amongst dogs and cats. Find the breeds best suited for your lifestyle, based on exercise and grooming needs, compatibility, and more.

Five dog breeds recommended for me are:

  1. Bouvier Des Flandres (I had to look it up, too)
  2. Collie
  3. Scottish Deerhound (I didn’t know about this one, either)
  4. Great Dane
  5. Saint Bernard

(Warning: I think that site has lots of pop-ups, but I use Firefox so I don’t care.)

One Reply to “I Want A Dog”

  1. Most of the dogs they picked for me looked like terriers — or what I call stupid looking dogs. If I get a dog, it’ll be either a medium to large or even a huge dog. Their first question forces you to pick one size, so that immediately eliminates many dogs I would find compatible. I would lean towards the larger-sized dogs, but temperment is most important to me — personality goes a long way.

    If I had to get a dog, I’d probably pick something in the line of a Bernese Mountain Dog, some kind of Lab, or, if I had a really big house or lots of open space, a Newfoundland Dog (the non-drooling breed of them), or just a mixed-breed with similar qualities (I’m not hung up on getting a pure bred).

    And I wouldn’t come close to even considering something like this. I’ve never known anyone with a lap dog who didn’t have a serious (and usually pathetic) mental defect of some kind. Neither would I get one those dogs that looks like someone smashed it in the face with a shovel, the ugly bulldog variety. That’s another one of those freaks-of-nature dogs I just don’t get. I like good-sized basic, real dogs. Who wouldn’t?

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