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  1. I’ve played $90 guitars that were far superior to some $600 guitars I’ve tried. Guitars, b/c of their organic components, are still like handmade cars of the pre-robot era. You can get a lemon no matter how much you pay or lucky with a cheapy. Play it before you buy it or you might end up returning it. (I ordered a really nice Takamine online because I loved the one I tried at the Guitar Center; the one I got had a horrible buzz on the E and A above the 7th fret–so I had to return it and still don’t have a decent acoustic).

    You should also hit the used instrument stores and check Target (are they up there?). I played a GBME Epoch Electric Guitar, an Epiphone spin-off (which itself is a Gibson spin-off) of a Les Paul Studio at Target which was amazing for $150. They have an acoustic too (Gibson Epoch Acoustic Guitar) for $99 which I didn’t try but now might just have to; I had a $99-ish Yamaha in Korea which was nearly a really good guitar (some intonation problems up past the 12th but I rarely play acoustics up there anyway).

    Um, also, check the country of origin. (It won’t be the US but guitars are one of the only things the US still does best.) I have and have played a few foreign made guitars and the order of quality seems to be Korea, Japan, Mexico, India, everywhere else.

  2. Jody gets my vote for one of the 100th greatest guitar soloists of all time. All those jerks in that other thread just don’t know what they’re talking about.

    What happend to cello? Is guitar your instrument of the moment?

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