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About 1500 posts ago I announced that I was redesigning this site’s appearance. Then, about 200 posts ago I wrote that I changed my mind. Well, I’m changing it again, but this time YOU get to see what I’m considering. That’s right boys and girls, I’ve narrowed down the list of possible themes to 12 (in no particular order):

  1. Andreas04 2.0
  2. 2Exquisite 2.0
  3. AndyBlue ver 1. I USED to like this one but Greg fucking uses it now; can’t have that.
  4. Connections Reloaded 1.5
  5. Disconnected 1.1.1
  6. Durable v0.2.1
  7. Fluidityrs 1.0
  8. fSpring widgets 1.0
  9. Greening 1.02
  10. Journalized 2.0. – I’m leaning towards this one more than others.
  11. lightCMS 1.0
  12. Tiga 1.0.1

My preferences:

  • A fliud width, like the site behaves now; that is, the site’s contents contracts and expands with the browser’s size – there’s no fixed width. I hate to see wasted screen space.
  • Three columns, with the main content in the middle, although I’m wiling to consider other looks.
  • The theme isn’t common.

No matter what theme is selected, I’ll probably be modifying its colours and background images (if any) to suit our tastes.

The WordPress Theme Viewer lists a LOT of themes for easy viewing, in case you want to do more looking for me.

So, which do you prefer?

16 Replies to “I Want Your Opinion”

  1. I like lightCMS but only if you change the fonts from gray to black. Can you imagine how few books would sell if they had half those layouts? Things that are to be read should be black on white. (I know there is a Janet Jackson joke in there but I refrain for the sake of your parent’s anniversary.) [Another aside: Sans-serif tends to look better in Windows which has piss-poor font rendering. Book faces look better on Macs b/c they anti-alias right and they are easier to read.]

    Close-to-black purples and blues can actually look blacker than black if you care. I often use #001 for text.

    I also don’t dislike your current layout but some change can be fun.

  2. I like the current design better than any of these. That said, I like Tiqa 1.0.1. with Journalized 2.0 a close second.

  3. I like the current design, too, EXCEPT having only two columns limits where I can add new, stupid features; the one menu column gets cluttered and tedious to navigate. Plus, Phillip thinks the current design is too bland, not artistic enough.

    Another feature I want: a horizontal menu at the top, similar to what’s on mudsongs.org.

    Maybe I should just add a left column and horizontal toolbar to THIS design. Hmmmmm….

  4. I really like Tiga and Greening. Fluid width is so much more flexiblethan fixed. Plus, isn’t there a way to automatically adjust the font size as well? (I’m using my mom’s computer, which has a screen resolution of 8×10 – I kid you not (well, maybe more like 480X600)- and all the fonts are throwing the whole layout off by a bit.

  5. oh yeah baby I like it will go good with my fusia pillow covers…man you guys are talken some language me not know….my tow cans and a string are workin fine….

  6. Oh, please, please, please, would you email me the journalized theme? I have been looking all over for the 2.x version of it, as the author’s site is down. (I really want to switch to this – tweaked – but have the old version, which doesn’t have a “previous posts” link.)

  7. Incidentally, SWT is getting a major overhaul, which a couple people have previewed. The new theme uses none of the above ones.

    I’ve been busy at work, so progress is slow, but it’s getting there. It IS getting done.

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