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  1. Funny… I received these pictures via email at 9:30 this morning. Looking at the email trail, it looks like they are making their rounds quite quickly.

    I remember one year in St. John’s there were 200+ icebergs visible from the shoreline along the shores within 10 minutes driving from downtown. It made for a pretty cold June when the winds were onshore. But quite impressive though. I have never been fortunate enough to see one rolling over; I’ve heard it’s quite impressive.

  2. yeah…those kendalls you knew in your youth phillip….i think we were third cousins or somthing…its a small island…long winters..kinda odd ..my grandparents moved to cape breton…yeah i am sure that helped the gene pool…big island…to little island….

  3. Hey fellow Newfies,
    I am here in Alberta, from Grand Falls/Windsor;anyway several friends sent me these photos of the icebergs in Cottrell’s Cove. I am wondering who took them and if I can get intouch with him/her.
    Please let me know via email: hdjp@telus.net
    Home for a visit in July, yippee

  4. My video camera is still in the shop for repairs, but I’ll try to get some pictures of the icebergs this weekend, if they’re still around. Apparently they’re right outside the harbour. I haven’t seen them because I’ve been working from home all week, haven’t had reason to go downtown.

  5. Hey, Thanks for letting me know of the Unknown Photographer. Hope you can get some pics this weekend and post them. My friends up here would love to see them. I guess by time I get home in July they will be all gone…too bad…now I’ll just have to look forward to sweet, succulent strawberries instead…whoa is me…NOT!!!

  6. I just came across this web site & I myslef had taken a couple of these pictures,along with some others which are not posted here.I guess some people had copied & pasted the pic’s from other’s.I am org from Moore’s Cove (& that is where these pictures were taken ) but now live in Cottrells Cove.

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