If It’s A Girl…

My wife and I have finally decided on a name if the kid’s a girl: Chelsea Rueith Cairns. “Chelsea” for no particular reason, but it reminds of the the Marillion tune Chelsea Monday; “Rueith” for my Great Aunt; and “Cairns” because rocks and dogs are cool (and it’s my last name).

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  1. I think that “Neil” would be a good name if you have boy. Think of famous Neil’s. Neil Diamond, Neil Sedaka, Neil Armstrong, Neil Young, Neil Pert (Rush). Just my 2 cents worth.

  2. She doesnt like Steel White? Women….I just cant figure them out. Anyway, if you need help naaming a girl let me know. I’m sure the Mrs. will love whatever suggestions i can come up with.

  3. how the hell does a computer luddite find the page with the pictures of your family on this endless quagmire!!!

    harry the hatchet
    former serial killer and Jerry Lewis devotee

    just me tom trying to show Stephanie your family.

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