I’m Being Blogged

haslo.ch created a link to my Thank You For Your Letter Rejecting My Application post. That’s cool. There’s a German version, too.

DiVERSiONZ linked to my Your Life Is Dirty post yesterday, writing:

Steel White Table always has the best posts.

I don’t know him. Honest. We’ve been exchanging links lately, though. He occasionaly writes some amusing, lengthy essays.

J-Walk has referred to me, too.

However, Steel White Table gets most of its hits from google searches (and Pender).

5 Replies to “I’m Being Blogged”

  1. You BASTARD! We all know *I* supply most of the hits to your damn site!! Slighting me like that, how DARE YOU! That’s it, I’m only giving you $30 for bringing that rocking chair to my apartment, and not a penny less. Jerk.

  2. well, I live in Nebraska…am 36, married male have kids, dogs, SUV etc… like sports, history, poker, blogging, whoppers candy…
    what else do you want to know?

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