I’m Not Going to London

Jenny and I thought about taking a trip to London, England, because Air Canada is offering a round-trip special of $418 per person. I knew there would be a few hidden additional fees, but this is ridiculous. Check out the breakdown:


$418 ticket price. Advertised ticket price for two: $832. $805 in hidden fees. Actual price: $1611. But at least we only have to pay $1.95 in taxes.

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  1. Not to rain on your tirade, but I think you might want to recheck your math.

    If you add up the entire column of numbers you get 805.67, this includes your reduced fare. It’s not $805.00 in “hidden fees”… hell even for two people it’s not $805.00 in “hidden fees”, it’s $775.34 :).

    The largest part of those fees that you’re upset about are fuel surcharges and airport tariffs which either a.) Air Canada has no control over, or b.) are pretty much a given for any flight, especially those out of the country.

    That being said, Air Canada shouldn’t be advertising “get to XYZ for as low as [amt]” if [amt] clearly doesn’t include these surcharges and tariffs. It’s a dishonest practice, so I feel your pain. Sorry bout your not getting your trip dude.

  2. Hidden fees, additional fees that are not advertised — it’s the same thing. The math is simple. Advertised price: $832. Actual price: $1611. What’s to recheck? My math is close enough.

    I expect some additional fees, but come on, twice the advertised cost is a bit much, don’t you think?

    I’m not ranting, just pointing out the facts. It’s a bummer.

  3. It’s always double. Whenever I fly home I get flights for somewhere around “$89” each way but somehow end up paying about $500 to get home. It’s magical! I demand to get on a flight and not have to pay network access fees! Since obviously the plane needs fuel, why is there a surcharge, is it somehow unexpected every single time? “Oh, this flight uses fuel, so we need to charge extra”.

    I declare shenanigans on them, not just because st. patty’s (the patron saint of drinking your ass off) day is coming up.

  4. It’s always double, which is okay if you’re just going to NL for $99. I expect that. But doubling a ticket that’s already $400 — that sucks.

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