I’m Slow

Since making a stronger effort to improve my fuel mileage, I’ve noticed that 99% of drivers pass me. I started driving the speed limit or slower a couple of months ago and I’m now getting almost 50 MPG (note: Canadian gallons are larger than American) in the city; but I’m also noticing how most people don’t obey speed limits or do little to conserve gas: idling too long, accelerating quickly, not looking ahead to judge if you have to slow down (instead, accelerating until you HAVE to stop), and speeding.

I’m sometimes tempted to slow down more when speed-demons (yeah, everyone’s a speed-demon to me now) tailgate me.

I gotta learn to not let these things bug me.

Update: I found this today – EPA’s m.p.g. ratings get an inspection:

With car buyers angered by stickers that overstate the combined miles per gallon of new cars, the Environmental Protection Agency is reviewing its antiquated fuel-efficiency tests.

9 Replies to “I’m Slow”

  1. oh man, i hate you so much. you and all your dirty law abiding friends driving the goddamn speed limit down millenium blvd every morning and night. i HATE them all!

  2. There’s a speed LIMIT!?! Isn’t that a minimum?

    Maybe you should ride your bike more. Have you even brought your bike to work since you got your new fancy car? I didn’t think so! You ain’t a hippy, you’re a hippy-wannabe!

    What was your MPG before taking these obscene measures?

  3. I have a friend (no shit) in town who’s in the RCMP. What kind of car do you drive? Actually, just tell me your license plate number.

  4. At least you guys don’t have to be in the car with Jody while he’s driving. Here he has a nice air conditioned car, and to save a couple cents on gas, he rolls the windows down a crack and drives around in the goddam heat all day. Then he’ll roll them up and turn on the A/C. Then he’ll roll the goddam windows back down and turn off the A/C when he starts feeling guilty about burning a few extra cents using the A/C for so long (all of five minutes). I’d like to hit him over the head with a frying pan.

  5. I was going to complain about that too! How people should be using A/C only on the highway because it uses less gas compared to having the windows opening (due to wind-drag), where as in the city you usually don’t go fast enough to cause enough wind-drag that would reduce gas mileage – using A/C uses more gas than wind-drag at slow speeds. I know!

    I should create an Environmental Police organization.

  6. hahaha, there are worse things to worry about in this world than the environment! you don’t really expect to still be living on EARTH when you die do you?

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