In honour of this momentous occasion… we’re having ribs!

We made ribs last night and they were delicious, easily the best ribs we’ve ever made. Here are the ribs after they’ve been cooked on a low heat for six hours and before they went on the BBQ grill and got an extra coating of BBQ sauce.

The darker ribs are side ribs. The lighter ones are baby back ribs, though both got exactly the same treatment and were equally delicious. We followed an easy recipe from and it worked perfectly. The meat fell of the ribs just like Gawd intended. We didn’t have a clue about ribs until now. We used to think ribs had to be tenderized through boiling. But now we know: peel off the membrane from the ribs; massage the ribs with a rub consisting of brown sugar, paprika, etc.; wrap them twice in tinfoil; keep them in the fridge overnight; place them in the oven at 200°F / 95°C for six hours; let them cool down to room temperature; remove the tinfoil and reheat them on an outdoor grill with an extra coating of home made BBQ sauce. Beautiful. That’s how we’ll make them in the future now that we know how it’s done.

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6 Replies to “In honour of this momentous occasion… we’re having ribs!”

  1. You could make me some ribs, I’m like 20 houses away from ya.

    I had new city restaurant chinese foods for supper. The egg rolls, rice and chicken balls are awesome. My waitress was a 10 year old chinese girl. She was good.

    • You’re the second person I might be making ribs for. Ribs aren’t cheap, man.

      Try the City Lights buffet where the old Pondarosa used to be. Best buffet in town. All the food is top quality. And if you like sushi, get there by 5. We’ve ordered out from their regular menu, too, but their buffet is out default place to eat now and has been for awhile.

      How long are you in Sin Jawns?

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