In The Beginning, Man Created God

God Said Man Said – The Record:

Today there are over 1,700 religious sects, cults and denominations confessing to be the bearers of light, yet most are in contradiction to one another. A man or woman seeking the truth is like a rat in a maze of 1,700-plus roads with only one reaching the “God” destination. Many will assume theirs is the correct one. Your chances are not good.
Fortunately, the God who created all things has written a book…an owner’s manual, which is commonly known as the Holy Bible. This majority-text holy writ is the alive, inerrant word of the living God.
The purpose of this web site is to prove scientifically, scholastically and pragmatically that the Bible is authored by the finger of God, is perfect in its entirety, and will hold all men accountable to God at a soon-coming judgement day.

Despite its idiocy, I found it to be compelling reading. The Dinosaurs essay was fascinating and hilarious.

(I’m asking for trouble posting my opinion, aren’t I?)

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  1. “God Said Man Said – The Record:” Did he? Really? All through the history of mankind, even those who paraded around acting like prophets and prophetesses love to shift their wickedness to God so it makes Him look like an evil villain. You will read in our Holy(unholy, lying, evil) Bible just how wicked men are, preaching in the name of God and putting words in his mounth. You got to realize that the good old Holy Bible is a book of dreams and visions that can be interpreted anyway the translators want to interpret them to scare people into submission so they will think the Christian way, even if it meant murder, persecution and destruction.

    Within the very pages of Our Wonderful Bible you can actually find out that Jesus is a myth. And there is very little, concerning prophecy, I believe in the Bible because of all of the gazillion of translations, including trying to make us think that your Christ Jesus is predicted in the O.T. The Bible, especially the KJV Bible, has been so corrupted by Christian and Catholic hands, they should be put before a firing squad. If you don’t believe me read that nice little book called the Catechism. Note how the translators have made additions and changes in the Bible, if you research this.

    “The purpose of this web site is to prove scientifically, scholastically and pragmatically that the Bible is authored by the finger of God, is perfect in its entirety, and will hold all men accountable to God at a soon-coming judgement day”.
    Read Mt 16:21-28, Mark 9:1 and Mt Chapter 10, keeping in mind who Jesus was talking to, which proves that the prophecy of his soon coming judgment day is a lie thus, the unfulfilled prophecy of your Jesus coming in the future and setting up his Kingdom.

    Anyone who thinks the Bible was authored by the finger of God has blind faith. So you will have do do a lot of convincing me, who use to believe like you do, until I took those blinders off. Just remember, the Jews can claim the same thing for the Torah and Islam can claim the same thing for the Holy Quran too as the author being the finger of God.

    And don’t it seem strange to you that the Apostle Paul never mentioned these about your Jesus Christ?
    1. Joseph and Mary
    2. Circumstances of his birth
    3. John the Baptist
    4. His miracles
    5. Site of his ministry
    6. His Apocalytic predictions
    7. Judas, the betrayer
    8. Circumstances of his death and resurrection
    9. That he ever preached
    10. Spoke in parables
    11. Appointed disciples
    12. Instructed them to carry out the message to all nations. (Just the contrary for your Jesus Christ Christ, who insulted the gentile women in Mathew 15:22-27, when he said “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel”)
    13. Initializing the Christian faith. (If anyone, it was the Apostle Paul the started the Christian faith.)

    The reason why nothing was said is that the Epistles of Paul was written before the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. If you don’t believe me, then look it up. Paul never even met Jesus and never knew just how wicked this Jesus of yours was. Otherwise I don’t believe this very loving and sensible man would have said anything about your Christ Jesus. You’ll get your eyes full if you read the Lost Books of the Bible as to just how wicked Jesus was and that is why they never became a part of the Bible.

    I just what you to know, like many Christians, I use to be a staunch believer of Christ Jesus, defending him, when someone started bad mouthing him, even though I found Christian doctrine very questionable in the 1960s when I was a teenager. But, the more I read and learn the more I found out the real truth of things. So don’t spew this “Bible written by God’s Finger” crap on me when all these events occurred as a result of man’s own irational and wicked behaviour.

  2. It’s beautiful that there are people alive that feel that there is a god. It makes many people very happy… ie: the people whom invented it. I assume that you don’t know how or why religion was invented? That’s cool though, people are evolving at different rates. People have access to information and are privy to experiences that many other people don’t have. You should know though, that there really is no god, no spirit or after life. It really is not there, you probably know that already. It’s hard to admit that someone has fooled you. of course it is, why else would you fight over it. by the way, the meaning of life is……. Finding fun and interesting ways to deal with your ever expanding conciousness. It’s not your fault that you’re clever. Be a nice person. x

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