Indiana Jones #4 and Narnia #2

Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull — The first and third Indian Jones movies have stories that are fun and characters you can care about. The second movie doesn’t. This, the fourth in the series, has one interesting character (Indiana Jones), and a story that just barely pulls the action forward. But it does manage to make it over the finish line without thoroughly disappointing. There is some CGI, but it’s not distracting. There are no scary or super evil villains, but there is plenty of entertaining action. I had fun watching Harrison Ford play Indiana Jones one last time. Every other aspect of movie is forgettable. (May 22/08)

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian — Skip it. The first Narnia movie is excellent, one of the best family-friendly movies of 2005. The best thing I can say about this sequel is they’ve improved on the special effects. Not much happens for the first hour (which will bore most kids), and when the action does pick up, it’s just eye candy. Too much emphasis on meaningless battles sequences and not enough on character and story. (May 21/08)

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  1. please someone tell the people…indiana jones is an adequate at best b movie…eeeesh…went last night….sad….I mean those involved have, money, resourses, talent, skill, perhaps not enough time since with few exceptions the main characters are on the other side of fifty and sixty…….but that was dissapointing…and I went expecting not the best indiana…but I would take the temple of doom over this…just not engaging, story was painful…the talents of John Hurt are used throughtout the movie as a “cracked” character mumbling….ohh and do not get me going on the ants…ohh yeah like the snakes…or the evil one getting obliterated like in the end of the first indiana..or the indy is your father, from which my cynisim about continuing the franchise appears confirmed in wind blowing church scene at the end…or the this and that…perhaps it was meant to be a homage to the other indy films….and I am all into willing suspension of disbeleif but this just goes too far….I kept waiting for a character to build a mountain out of mashed potatoes….do not let Lucas near another film script…..”not from space but the space between space”…….agggghhh…..I am only going to watch amateur porn from now on….shitty production value but better story and better acting…perhaps even better action….

  2. ohhh was just at J- Walks blog and if you want a more articulate tirade concerning the Indiana Jones movie go there…whew….the word is getting out….

  3. People who don’t like the movie are forgetting to leave their brain at the door. That’s what I did, and I enjoyed it. All the criticisms are valid, but lowering your expectations helps. With all the money and talent, you’d think they’d come up with something better than this, but remember this is mainly George Lucas’s baby. I don’t think he’s capable of making good movies. The few watchable movies he has made were good despite him having a hand it in.

  4. I guess that touches on my desire Phillip. This movie is going to make a lot of money and hence these type of poorly made films are going to continue to be made. We should stop people from seeing it…I sure wish I had not gone. In terms of leaving grey matter at the door, well yeah, if I am going to see and Adam Sandler movie…but there were some expectations here, and in order to lower to extent to enjoy probably would have entailed shaving my head with a cheese grater while the movie was playing thus elevating one of the experineces to pleasureable….and having only done one of the two I am not sure I could with confindence say which experience may win out….

    alright i say no more…I can not wait for “Don’t Mess WIth the Zohan” at least I know there will be no kooky aliens…..

  5. Dawn and I saw the Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull last night. We both liked it: it was fun. Ya, lots of silly moments including those of disbelief, but it made you laugh and kept you engaged. The film had the adventure feeling of the previous films. Recommended.

  6. I am with you Jody. Michelle, Alexander and I all went to see it together and it was a Indy film for sure. Kept Alexander entertained as well. Some scenes were over exaggerated, but no different then the first 3.

  7. I tried watching India Jones #4 on DVD last night. I had to stopped after 20 minutes. Bore ring! It did not hold up well. I’ll try again sometime.

  8. I managed to get past the first 30 minutes (it’s not a well-plotted opening 30 minutes). But once Indiana’s old girlfriend shows up — they have a chemistry that’s entertaining. The action sequences are far-fetched by fun. I still agree with my original short review. It’s entertaining if you get past the first 30 minutes.

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