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  1. Speaking of TV, some Northern Exposure news: The “complete second season” is out on DVD, and just like the “first season” set, it’s a rip-off. There are something like 6 episodes in the package — how the hell is that a “complete season”? And, just like the first one, they’ve put no effort into making these DVDs. I bought the “first season” set because I’d been wanting to see them for a long time, but now they’re just ripping people off. I plan on renting the DVDs and copying them. They’re not getting any of my money this time.

    That said, most of the episodes from the “complete second season” are excellent.

    Update: I just read this at Amazon:

    “The reason these sets are so expensive is because of the costs involved in licensing all the music that was used in the original broadcasts. When the show first went on the air, no one had considered selling collected sets of DVDs, they didn’t even exist then. So the music licensing contracts didn’t include provisions for them. Universal is going to the trouble of renegotiating licenses to use the original songs so that we can have our collector’s editions with the shows exactly as we originally saw them.”

    If that’s the reason for the high price, good enough. They’re doing the right thing. Still, I can’t afford to spend over $50 Canadian (after taxes) for 7 episodes. I love the show, and if they ever came out with a real complete season #3, I would want to buy it. But I know a lot of people are going to feel like they’re getting ripped off. I expect the complete 3rd season (with 20-something episodes) will cost about $200.

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