Is Burning Wood Cheaper Than Oil?

I had my home’s oil tank filled today: $638.49 (includes $83.28 tax) for 731.5 liters (that’s 193 gallons for you antiquated Americans). Last year’s price per liter was about 50 cents. It’s 75.9 cents per liter now.

I’m thinking of getting a wood stove.

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  1. its comments like this that make me want to be a market manager forever….I havent seen a hydro bill or gas bill…any utility bill for 5 years….next place i live i want to be sure my diaper is being changed and there is jello three times a day…on the other hand I do like chopping wood…hey can you still get coal..I remember as a kid having to lug coal buckets at gradmas…no like that…A freind of mine has a huge house (and pool in summer) that he heats with one of these outside wood furnaces…but you may have restrictions if you live in a subdivision….anywhay thing works fairly well…anything under minus 20-25 he has back up oil…

  2. your question is only an academic exercise to me, I live in Houston, Texas. It is currently about 78 in the afternoon.

  3. Go electric. I love the heat from a wood stove but man what a mess.

    Kyle N. We live in the tundra. I had to kick a polar bear in the nads yesterday cause it was trying to steal my fish. Warm weather is like Christmas here, it only comes once a year.

  4. I’d want a secondary heat source that isn’t dependent on electricity, in case the power goes out. I’m considering a wood pellet stove, which is a lot cleaner than a regular wood stove, although it requires an electric fan, I think, which I could hook up to a battery.

  5. The natural gas pipelines are being constructed now, though I doubt it will be in my area for a couple of years. I read natural gas is almost as expensive as oil, anyway.

  6. What, you don’t wear skins in your igloo? Well lah-dee-dah to you mr. “I gots indoors heatins and plumbins!”

  7. Jenny and I are looking for a house, and there’s just no way we go with oil.

    By the looks of it, with the insane prices in St. John’s, we’re going to end up living in a trailer on the outskirts of town. Friggin’ rich people buying up all the real estate, pushing out all us common folk.

    I’d like to build a straw bale house.

  8. and I huffed and I puffed

    Phillip there are a couple of market regulars who have experince with straw bale…I can try and get some email addresses if you want…I think one couple has built within the last year…I think they framed the house and then used straw bales to fill in….

  9. I think I’m ready to move to Owen Sound now, Tom.

    No need to get me emails, though. To build a house, I need to buy land, and empty lots are selling at ridiculous prices in St. John’s, too. I’ve looked into building a straw bale house before. It can be done, but it’s not affordable unless I move outside the city. I know some people who are building a cord wood house in a year or two. I might help them build it just to see how it’s done.

  10. I spent a little time helping a guy build a straw bale house in Harvey, just outside Fredericton. He just stacked them and tightened them down with lengths of threaded rod. VERY interesting process. He hooked up with a group in the states who actually sent someone to New Brunswick to consult in the building of it at no cost to him!

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