Is Candy Food?

The Candy Critic has a sweet tooth; he reviews candy. His favorite:

Kit Kat is the cream of the crop when it comes to chocolate bars. In fact, it’s one of the best snacks all together. The flavor is perfect, a great blend of wafer filling and chocolate. The texture perfect, crispy with just the right size. Novelty wise, it’s the first and possibly only bar you can easily share with 3 friends. Perfection!

The site’s navigation is annoying at first; the top menu sets the menu on the left.

3 Replies to “Is Candy Food?”

  1. I have to disagree with Anonymous–on principle, that is.

    I haven’t tried the new caramel Aero bar, but being informed that there is a new caramel Aero bar kinda bugs me. If there’s camarel in it, then it’s not an Areo bar. An Aero bar is full of chocolate and bubbles, and that’s it. Not that I care. And not that anything I’ve said here has anything to do with my argument.

    All the new variations of bars and chips are never any better than the original. Doritos come in piles of ridiculous flavours these days, and none of them are as good as the original Doritos nacho flavour. They even put out a Ketcup flavoured Doritos. I tried them (as I’ve tried them all), and they were disgusting.

    I recently tried a Smarties Bar. No where near as good as Smarties. I also tried a vanilla Oh Henry bar. Anyway…

    That’s it. That’s my big point. All these new variations are never any better than the original.

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