Is Glenfiddich 12 Underrated?

I was never a fan of Glenfiddich 12. It seemed like a go-to cheap end single malt for drinkers more keen on getting drunk than savouring the flavour and sensations of the scotch. But having sampled some from a 50ml bottle recently, I’m beginning to sing a different tune. This stuff may be underrated. My immediate tasting notes, if you want to call them that: “Deep vanilla nose and flavour with some light sweet sherry thrown in for good measure. Nothing too complicated but satisfying. A one hit wonder but a good hit. A bit of burn in the aftertaste but not bad at all. I’m pleasantly surprised. May be better than the Aberfeldy 12.” This is what Ralfy had say about it:

I’m beginning to sing a different tune in general for my appreciation of single malts, favouring the smooth sherry infused scotches over the peaty, smoky Islay scotches which have traditionally been my favourites. My notes go on like this: “I didn’t see this coming. I think I’m coming to appreciate sherry more. Just took a dash of Aberfeldy 21 to compare. It’s the comparing that makes me appreciate the scotches more. I keep saying it, but it’s true. The dash of Aberfeldy 21 has sherry, but you can tell it’s a well matured scotch because there’s a delay and then it hits you. I love that delay.”

I was so surprised by the Glenfiddich, I’m tempted to get a bottle of the limited edition Glenfiddich “Cask of Dreams” to replace my Aberfeldy 21 which isn’t likely to last much longer. I don’t know why the peaty scotches aren’t doing it for me like they used to, but I’m not complaining.

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