I.T. Salaries

Top Ten Tech Jobs, Wages Released:

  • Clinical Research Associate – $38.52
  • Data Manager – $45.06
  • CRM Project Manager – $62.01
  • Data Warehouse Architect – $69.03
  • Hardware/Firmware engineer – $59.34
  • .NET Developer – $45.77
  • Oracle Database Administrator – $55.82
  • Project Manager – $57.07
  • SAP Functional Consultant – $75.09
  • Senior Scientist – $43.76

That’s in American dollars, too.

I’m underpaid.

8 Replies to “I.T. Salaries”

  1. Wow, project management looks like it would be the easiest job for the most money. Here’s a typical email conversation between a project manager and a tech lead:

    Dear Tech Lead,

    Seems the project is in quite a pickle, what do you propose we do to alleviate such a grievous situation?

    Your boss,
    Project Manager


    Dear Project Manager,

    Your employee,
    Tech Lead


    Dear Team Lead,

    What a brilliant idea! I shall now send a communique to the fellows to get right on that task, then I will tell my boss that I sent the communique and receive a very generous bonus and glory enough to suffocate a cat!

    Your boss,
    Project Manager

  2. A good project manager earns his salary well, by building strong teams, communicating well, organizing tasks to keep momentum, and mitigating risks to avoid project obstacles. They are the person who takes the most blame when a project fails and seem to take the least amount of glory when a project is sucessful.

    Only problem is……you haven’t worked with a lot of good project managers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bragging about my PM skills – I’m still new in this role and have a lot to learn – but I’ve been around long enough to see some good ones as well as my share of bad ones.

    …..now, if I could just figure out how to become a “CRM Project Manager”….

  3. the problem is, how do the bad PMs get filtered out? with bad coders, you have the other coders dropping subtle hints to their PM about how much of a worthless dolt this guy is, but if you ever complained to the higher ups about a PM sucking ass, you’d have a pretty damn good chance of getting the axe yourself for being a meddling little peon. :(

  4. So true. Many of the bad PMs haven’t developed their “constructive feedback” part of the brain, so you can’t even pull them aside and tell them your issue. Maybe it calls for a team intervention, of sorts.

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