While everyone in the American universe is pointing out that tomorrow:

…early Wednesday morning the time and date will be 01-02-03-04-05-06 points out:

No it won’t. It’s not the year 6, jackasses. It’s the year 2006. The time and date will be “1:02:03 4/5/2006.”

The American’s date format, MM/DD/YY, is stupid anyway; the proper way is DD/MM/YY, so the silly oddity doesn’t occur until May: 01-02-03-04-05-2006.

8 Replies to “It Should Be DD/MM/YYYY, Not MM/DD/YYYY”

  1. I actually am all for YYYY/MM/DD – like this, alphabetic sorting will yield the same results as date sorting…

    Anyway, nice to point out :) Thanks!

  2. the proper way is DD/MM/YY

    I quite agree but I’m also in favor of metric conversion so no one wants to hear from me on this side of the border.

  3. When writing the date by hand, I always write something like April 5th, 2006, and sometimes April 5/06. I wouldn’t know how to write the date as 04/05/06, because I’d spend too much time counting the months on my fingers. However, I use YYYY/MM/DD to sort photos on my PC, because it’s the only method of numerically writing the date that produces a sequential series — which makes more sense than both DD/MM/YYYY and MM/DD/YYYY.

    I spent 5 minutes thinking about all this. Wow.

  4. I was going to jump in with something insightful like: I use yyyymmdd so that my files are conveniently sorted by year-month-day. But EVERYONE beat me to it!

    Can’t wait until May 4, at 3:21 am for my next opportunity to beat you all to the punch!

  5. Yeah well we dont go fer none o that newfangled Euro crap like metric dates.
    BTW I heard that the reason D-day was chosen as july 6 was so that if there were any snafu regarding the different way US and Brit troops wrote the date it wouldn’t matter.

  6. ahh frig i knew that history degree was worth shit, I wasn’t event taught the right date for the d-day invasions…i was told it was june 6….frig….

    yeah…i have always used nano second, to second , to minute, to hour , to day to month to year…..kinda little to big…ahh but i messed up my comma usage didn’t I ….

    &%## history degree

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