It’s Cold Enough To…

Winter weather - Jan. 19, 2005On May 15, 2004, it was 28 degrees Centigrade. Today it’s almost -40 with the wind chill, which is the same in Fahrenheit.

It’s cold enough to

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  1. Hey, Dave, if you’re lurking… just checked out your website. Spent only 5 minutes there, still don’t know where you’re from. However, I noticed under the writing section that you know Phil Milner — who I had as a prof during my one year at St.F.X., I think it was the 1995-96 year, awhile back. I had him for, I think it was, a 20th Century Short Literature survey course, one semester of short stories and poetry, another semester of novels.

    Phil introduced me to the work or Raymond Carver — and now I have all of Carver’s books, collections, poetry, the works. I’ve also read a handful of Phil’s shorter works over the years, and, along with the Carver, found it inspiring. Unfortunately, I have been around dry, intellectual, unimaginative, tenture-track-minded academics for so many years now, I’ve virturally become one myself… and I don’t do much real writing these days. But for a few years after I first met Phil, I was writing every day, re-writing every day, and having a good time at it.

    Phil wrote a reference letter for me about 5 years ago, and I’ve since lost touched with him. However, I am certainly grateful for the time I did spend with him. He’s a good guy, a positive influence.

    Small world.

  2. Wow, small world indeed. I also has Phil Milner in the 1995-1996 academic year, although for “just” an introductory lit course. He’s about the most inspiring prof that I’ve ever had… kind of reminded me of Robin Williams in Dead poets Society.

    Thanks for checking out my site…


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