It’s Going To Be A Boy, Maybe

My wife and I went to the hospital today for a scheduled ultrasound, to see how the kid-in-the-womb is doing. It weighs 1785 grams (that’s 3.9 pounds) at 32 weeks. It’s a hospital policy not to provide the baby’s gender (something to do with potential lawsuits if they told you wrong), but I asked to see its genitals anyway; I wanted to guess. I think it’s going to be a boy: I thought I saw big ole testicles on it.

We still haven’t decided on a male name.

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  1. re: “I thought I saw big ole testicles on it.”

    That reminds me of what Homer said during Bart’s birth after the doctor told him it was a boy.

    Homer: “And WHAT a boy!”

    Doctor: “No, Mr. Simpson, that’s the umbilical cord.”

  2. I like all these suggestions; unfortunately, I ain’t the only one making the decision.

    Dawn: will you like ANYTHING I like?! What did you like?

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