It’s Only a Theory

According to this CBC article, global warming could make Atlantic Canada colder as Arctic ice drifts south.

The melting Arctic ice would alter a phenomenon known in scientific circles as meridional overturning circulation, where warm ocean currents move north and colder currents move south, maintaining a moderate climate on the Atlantic coast.

If you read the comments at the bottom of the article, you will notice many CBC readers don’t seem to believe in global warming. (I think we’re in for a Conservative majority.)

Here’s a video of some of the ice that’s melting:

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2 Replies to “It’s Only a Theory”

  1. I’ve always felt that way. I don’t have any scientific evidence or hypothesis to support it, but I’ve always looked at global warming in a macro sense. The overall temperature of the world as a whole is warming up, but that doesn’t mean that the whole world will be warmer. As the temperatures warm in the poles, it makes sense that it could drop elsewhere while still maintaining an overall warming trend.

    As well… as the water levels rise, it also makes sense that it is likely that the ocean currents will change. This would effect other things such as weather patterns and ocean life and habitat. It also makes sense that it could perhaps rise greatly in our area while it drops horribly in others… That moderating trend going away could have an effect either way for those of us currently in currently moderated climates. (Sorry… pun intended.)

  2. I thought it had to do with currents…big currenty thingys that are going to be altered and cause us chilly seas….some labrador current thingy that intersects with other currently thingys

    or is it the mermaid goddess will leave her sacred rock under the ocean in search of sedna who has been hearing good things about thor and that ragnarok place thus no longer flicking her giant tail and moving the water

    or global warming…I am sticking with the mermaid theory….

    read something today…..just some graffittii but I liked it…

    “if voting changed anything…it would be illegal…” I am liking it…yeah yeah I know…dictatorships, blah blah…

    or just listen to steve….mmm…mermaid …steve…mermaid….steve…

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