It’s Pancake Day!

So who hasn’t had their pancakes today? Although I think my mother used to give us pancakes for breakfast every year on this day, I don’t think she ever put coins inside the pancakes for us to find.

I didn’t know anything about the history of Pancake Day until I looked it up on Wikipedia five minutes ago.

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5 Replies to “It’s Pancake Day!”

  1. Blueberry pancakes for supper! Yay!

    I used to get coins in my pancakes. It helped my immune system to grow into its own sentient lifeform and eventually took over this body.

  2. fat tuesday….going to two universities with a saint in the name one could not escape this day

    I made pancakes for the local cable show today and saved some bacon grease from the weekend to use to fry the pancakes in…I made a quip apologizing to our muslim viewers that I love the bacon fat that I love the bacon…that I love the pig….got in trouble for making the comment…..from the jewish league…I did not include them………who hoo more pig for me…..

    man I miss politics where I could offend someone every day…now it is just weekly….

    we never had coins in our pancakes…I only remember some catholic thing where they gave ya a palm leaf and an ashy cross on your forehead…and who can forget the cuddles in the confessional…..

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