I’ve been invited to a stag do

Iain invited me and a bunch of people I don’t know to Alex’s stag do. I’ve never met Alex or Iain, but it sounds like a good time.

Hi all,

At last the long awaited email regarding Alex’s last few months as a single man. As part of this celebration I am organising a weekend either in early June, late July, early Aug or very, very early September for the Stag Do; so in order to cut to the chase.

The venue I am proposing is Nottingham

The itinerary is as follows:

Meet Saturday early at Hotel – TBC

An afternoon clay pigeon shooting – cost approx £50, this will allow you to blow the heads off 50 clays.

Back to Hotel and out for a curry at the world renowned Laguna Indian Restaurant, followed by Bars, Club.

Sunday up sedately and over to the National Water sports centre at Holme Pierrepont, for some head clearing activity – a two hour session of either canoeing or White Water rafting, again approx £50.

Then Home, I am planning to bring our Grand Voyager over to keep Travel costs at a minimum.

All in all I reckon we will do the weekend less food, travel and booze for around £180.

I guess all I have are the following questions.

Do you want to do just one of the activities?

What is your preferred date? The sooner I get consensus the quicker and possibly cheaper I can book.

Are you happy to absorb Alex’s costs?

Is this something you want to do or are you just wanting a place and venue to get drunk at?


How should I respond to his email? Or should I just show up at the stag do? I’ve never gone clay pigeon shooting or white water rafting. It’s tempting.

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Phillip Cairns is a beekeeper in St. John's, Newfoundland, who writes about beekeeping at mudsongs.org.

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  1. I checked. It’s in the UK — England. The email had links to all the places mentioned. I removed them along with Alex’s last name. If I was living in the UK, I’d go. I’m tempted to take a trip to the UK anyway.

  2. ahh phillip come here and we can shoot some real pigieons…and then I can come visit you and we can go “swiling”…

  3. I received today what may be the last email about Al’s stag do:


    Thanks to all of you who have got back to me (Phil — please pull your finger out!!).

    Anyway, I think we can safely look at a date for the event. I am suggesting weekend of the 25th/26th of July; which seems to suit pretty much everyone. Please let me know if circumstances have changed since my last email.

    I will now get the shooting sorted out which seemed the most popular option and I will also dig around for decent hotels at a budget price in Nottingham.

    Speak soon.


    P.S. thanks for your kind offers to chip in for Alex. I will build that into the final cost equation when I have it.


    I’m glad it’s all worked out. Now excuse, I have to pull my finger out.

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